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So, it's been a week or so...   I crashed pretty hard post vacation and have only gotten my sleep back to something normal in the last couple of days.  

I posted a bunch of pictures from the trip over on my facebook account and will share them on G+ as well.   There were 2 things that I really wanted to see on the island - Horseshoe Bay Beach and the Crystal Caves.   Very pleased to say that I made it to both, although I didn't really drink enough water for the amount of time I spent in swimming at the Beach.   I kept going back into the water... it was soooo warm.  Like bath water.   (Reminder: I grew up in Gloucester where 60+ degrees for water temperature was pretty damn warm!)  But I wasn't wearing anything on my head whenever I went back into the water... so yeah,  a little bit of heat exhaustion when I got back to the boat.    Most definitely worth it.

It has been stressful getting caught back up at work again and I am still finding things people assigned to me when I was gone but I hadn't seen it yet.  Plus there are the looming layoffs in October.   *And* I am just now seeing an agenda for a major gathering going on in the UK next week--something that has been planned for two months--and figuring out I should be in several of these meetings but most of them are planned at OMG EARLY :30 my time.   Here I have twofold mind weasel 1. I should have been included earlier on, so why wasn't I?  2. If they are not including me does that bode badly for the layoffs?

Logically I know that my overall grade level is a lot lower than most of the people in these meetings and its not surprising that I wasn't included.   However, I've been doing the work of someone several levels higher than me for well over a year now and now that it's officially in my responsibilities I need to be included in the planning processes.   No one else going to these meetings are aware of the the challenges surrounding what I do.   *sigh* Imposter Syndrome does not need anything feeding it.

I will most likely be hosting a Viewing Night for the new Agents of SHEILD TV program. 

I want to host another game night.

I really wish that my sister getting married is something that had happened before I lost my husband.

Work, Z's Bachelorette Day,  Z's Wedding and the Bully Plays in October and a few other things has the schedule looking pretty damned crowded right now.   If I fall off the radar a bit, this is why.
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