Nov. 9th, 2016

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My 16th birthday 1986
Getting accepted to college 1988
April 4th, 1991 - Pass the Ketchup
September 30th, 1991 - Howling at the Moon
December 21, 1994 - Our engagement
April, 2000 - First job in IT
September 12th, 2001 - Everyone in the family is out of work, except my baby Sister
September, 2007 - The MRSA infection took hold
April, 2010 - ICU - emergency surgery for my husband while my Mom was having the deep brain stimulation for her Parkinson's.
June, 2010 - Beautiful weekend in NH
July 31, 2010 - My Lovey hopefully, finally found peace
November 15th, 2014 - we closed on a new home
April, 2015 - Technical Director in community theater for the first time
New Year's Eve 2015 - with a new relationship

You will notice that none of these moments have anything to do with politics.  Except for those things that impacted the economy in 2001 and events of 2001, all of these are personal moments.  The moments that have helped define me.  The moments that have moved me in new directions and influenced those directions.   Some good, some bad, some horrorific and yet, some that started seeming like negative and turning to be positive.   And vice versa.

But these are all significant moments because of the action that they moved me too.  The influence that caused me to stay the course or change my path.  And those changes were my conscious choices.  I embraced my life and let my choices chart the new path.

A Trump presidency saddens and angers me, but it does not define me.   It may push the country in a new direction that seems bad and define what the country becomes next, but in the end may be good.  I don't know, I will withhold judgement until words become actions and see the effect those actions have.   All I can hope is that whatever the direction we go, in the long term we are still capable of affecting that path.

Hold your leaders accountable.  Make noise when they do something you don't like -- but also make noise when they do something you do like.   Take careful measure of how you want this country to be and make sure that your elected representatives know it.  Democracy is not a passive thing, not something we engage in only on election day.  It is an active way of life and should be embraced.  Make sure your choices are charting a path that you want to walk.


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