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This Post is now public.   Please feel free to share with others.  I would like to spread the conversation.

I will start with saying that I am trying to start a conversation and not criticize.  The Poly 201
panel was probably the best I have been to yet.  It dealt with more of the real world issues that
are not necessarily Poly but because it happens to a Poly person there are more facets to the issues
than if it was just occurring around a "normal" relationship.

But there were some gaps in the conversation--time constraints as well as lack of relevant experience
on the panel that has me processing quite a bit more than I usually do with panels.  The first of two
that were particularly vexing was the response to "what happens when someone is dealing with a long-term
illness or even someone dying".
Not everyone will want to read this )

For the record, I'm not making accusations or trying to make anyone feel defensive.  No one is really built to deal
with long term crises.  We are not taught to take care of ourselves very well, never mind to care for others.  It
seems there are the people who go overboard and the people who just don't know how to help.  I am not blaming
anyone for these problems.  I am trying to draw attention to the deficit in the conversation and the difference
between crisis in short term and long term.

Awareness of a problem is the first step to discussion and possible solution.


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