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I have muscle spasms going on in my head.  This has been causing fever-like symptoms without the fever and I had really thought that maybe I was suffering from a sinus infection after all. 

Nope.  The nosebleeds are probably caused by the excessive need for steroids this year as both the allergies and asthma have been really twitchy since January.   They cauterized a couple of spots where the bleeds had occurred and I was told to lay off the Flonase. 

But what about the general feeling of being out of it, headache and pressure in my ears?   Muscle spasms in my jaw going into the back of my head and causing the pressure in my ears--most likely caused by grinding my teeth.  TMJ was on the top of the page that he handed me.   Looking at it a few minutes ago I noticed he had crossed out the full term for TMJ and wrote in "muscle spasms".   Not sure--he could have said it was like TMJ or he could have said it was TMJ.    Will have to check my med records to see what the actual diagnosis was.   

Either way, he told me to start on 2 tylenol plus 2-4 advil every 4-5 hours for the next few days.   Additionally, he actually told me to go see my massage therapist and go get my dental work finished.  Oh, and make sure that my neck/head always has plenty of support when I'm sleeping.

I scheduled a few appointments with [livejournal.com profile] barodar.    The dentist thing is going to take some thinking...  going back to Chelmsford for continued work is not an appealing option given I never go to Boxborough anymore.   But she's the first dentist I've ever really felt comfortable with. *think think think*


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