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So I went to see the orthopedist today--thanks very much to [livejournal.com profile] sweetmmeblue.   She came and gave me a ride over to Davis Square even though she ended up a few minutes late for Major Massage.

To my surprise, they put me in a boot.   Which is heavy and kind of awkward but it certainly does make sure that I don't move that tendon. 

Diagnosis is tendonitis in the tendon running right behind my ankle bone.  There is some concern about the fact that the bone itself is a bit tender to the touch as well as the pereoneal tendon but the X-rays don't show any sign of a compression fracture.   So they are going with the tendonitis, putting me in the boot for a couple weeks and sending me to physical therapy after it has had a complete week of rest.

We shall see how it goes.   I wasn't thrilled with the idea, but as he put it, I can deal with a few weeks of inconvenience now or deal with problems all summer...   Hopefully by the end of June I will be in much better shape. 
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The Treat for Tits Auction final 2013 Bake Etc Sale is ending today.

[livejournal.com profile] hammercock was cool enough to amass a catalog of the items.   [livejournal.com profile] buxom_bey has it posted here.

Bidding will close at 9pm (a few hours delayed from originally, but still this evening.)

Once bidding is closed, the winners will be notified.

The Pickup time is Friday, May 10th from 6-9pm at my place or you can make arrangements with the individual bakers, artists.

BAKERS and ARTISTS:  Please do not make delivery unless you know that the donation has been made.

Thank you all for your support!   Feel free to keep spreading the word!

My donation page.


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