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But a co-worker just reminded me of it, so I thought I would share.

I get on the elevator in the Systems/Eng. building and someone I don't recognize gets on right behind me. Since I don't recognize him I figured he was probably from the Engineering Group which is the only division I don't support. (I learned later that this was the case)

So a few moments after the door closes and we are doing the look anywhere but at the other person's face dance, he exclaims:

"Good Lord you've got small feet. How do you balance on those?"

I must admit, I was speechless. Um, I don't know... 35 years of practice. The way he spoke it was like this must have just happened. Uh, yeah, someone just chopped off some of my feet and I now need to learn to balance on them.

For those of you who don't know, I wear a size 2. And I balance quite well on them, thank you. ;-)
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Mishap #1: The payroll person keeps having a problem printing. Tech B goes up a few times to help her out, but the problem continues re-occur. Finally I ask the Level II Tech to go take a look at it. He comes back laughing. The end user has a hub in her office that both her computers and her printer are connected through to the network. Apparently Tech B told her that the problem was she was "jiggling the wires too much" and put the hub on the floor. It was while it was on the floor that the incidents continued. Why did Level II tech come back laughing? Solution: Original problem was unknown, but where Tech B put the hub on the floor was where the End User puts her handbag each morning. She kept knocking the uplink button on the hub and disconnecting it from the network.

Mishap #2:
End User calls: I moved my phone to my new cube and now the line just rings thru to the operator.
Me: Yes sir, the phone can't just be disconnected from the system. It causes a disruption.
End User: Yes, I remember that now, but I was going on vacation and the move hadn't been done yet.
Me(curious): The network guys are usually pretty good about that... when was the move supposed to happen?
End User: March 3rd.
Me: Well, that is why it wouldn't have been done.
End User: but I was going on vacation... I'm not going to be in the office.
Me(even more curious): um, yeah. But they would have done the move anyway. Can I ask what your concern was?
End User: well, I wasn't going to be in the office.
Me: I understand that, was your phone extension changing?
End User: no, but I'm going to be out of the office.
Me: They can move your phone without affecting your voicemail, sir. You don't have to be here for it to happen.
End User: oh, really? But how would it find its way to the right phone?
Me (in a very patient tone): The messages are not stored on the actual phone. When you access your voicemail you are accessing a central system. That's why you can access your voicemail by dialing into the system from external numbers.
End User: But I'm going to be out of the office.
At this point I gave up and tried to end the conversation. He really thought that if he wasn't here when his phone was moved he was going to loose any and all voicemail from the time he left to the time he got back. And for a while seemed to be trying to convince me that this was the case.


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