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  • There have been some major upheavals at 5 Elsie Street aka Wood End.   They have not been publicized but they have been seriously affecting my mood and my sense of security.   Things are finally calming down and I feel like I'm regaining my footing, but it has been very stressful.

  • This highlights the other thing that I have not talked about:  how much it took to become this vulnerable again.   I was getting into a very dark place living alone and making a choice to look for multi-adult living situations came out of realizing that it was not sustainable for me.

  • Had you asked me four years ago though, I would not have chosen to become the newbie in an existing family structure.   It took time to realize that finding/creating a new family was needed.

  • All that aside, I continue to be extremely grateful to Roo and her adults.  Despite all the stress, this has been a mental step up and I am in a better spot emotionally and mentally than I was a year ago.

  • Roo seems to be accepting me as one of her adults and that is both extremely satisfying and OMG ADORABLE at times.

  • Both my Manager and my Team Lead have accepted other positions within the company.

  • The new Team Lead took over on March 31 and he seems to be doing pretty well.  He's a bit more laid back than the previous and that is a good thing.

  • I got taken to task for my "absences" and told that I should just take a full day off for appointments that are going to take more than 1.5 hours.

  • This is pretty problematic given the last medical update and the fact that I'm on pretty low PTO due to the illness at the beginning of the year.

  • We still don't have a replacement for my manager so she has been working 2 jobs effectively since the beginning of March.

  • I am finally in the new position that I was supposed to transition to last fall.

  • I am enjoying it but it has been a major adjustment to how I work--with deadlines in terms of days rather than weeks or months.

  • And BTW it's April.  Aries birthday was on the 14th, my father on the 12th and mine on the 23rd.   Lots of landmines.

  • Topped off with your basic spring cold with an extra side of cough.  *rolls eyes*  Oh well.

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So I just noticed that the only thing I've been writing lately about is the auction.   Well, lots of other stuff have been going on too.

My birthday:  [livejournal.com profile] drwex took me out to dinner on my actual birthday.   It was a very good evening. :-)

Dinner and Dancing:  At Asgard and then at HEROES 80's was an absolute blast and I was really grateful to everyone who made it out. 

There have been several hangouts, get togethers and social time... I am feeling on a definite upswing in that way right now and I will take it as long as it lasts!

The Fashion Show on Wednesday was a lot of fun but not really my thing.   It took a bit to articulate to myself what was off for me, but I finally figured it out... I may put that in its own post.    [livejournal.com profile] cathijosephine asked to host some people at my place afterwards and that worked out really nicely. 

I'm still reading from book to book to book but that has slowed down a little bit because I've been a lot more active in the evenings the last 2 weeks.

The exercise has been going really well but the weight loss has not.   I will probably talk about that more on my weight filter--it's more than a bit frustrating. 

There is a longer work post in the mix as well, but the Reader's Digest version is:  My manager is changing departments,  the new woman taking her place was hand picked by her and so far seems OK, there is a large reorg going on in the group as the result of several changes like this and I am wary about the whole thing but trying to be positive.


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